License to Thrill...James Bond Girls!

Guns, action, fights, slick lines, short skirts and stilettos...a kiss for a moment and then a quick car chase. 

These Bond girls were women waiting in the wings for their man that could save the world and serenade them at dinner with a dance and a whisper of brief ecstasy. What makes the Bond Men so sexy? Duh, everything. Any woman would want a Bond man or a man of action.
Which makes me ponder...if I were a Bond Girl what would I wear?

Well, Bond Girls of the millennium can defend themselves, they are confident and bold. They fall in love or in lust but at a distance and sex is a tool not a prized possession which defines how a Bond Girl dresses - bold, daring, dramatic and classic on occasion.

Break the cycle and find your inner Bond girl, get a gold manicure and take a cue from Mylunakiss Licence to Thrill Looks to attract your leading man.

Twist on the White Bond Girl Bikini
Zebra with Stripes Bikini
Every Bond Girl Wears Gold
Gold Lame Bustier and Mini

The Seductive Disguise
Low V-Neck Teddy
Don't wait another day...transform into your Bond Girl and listen to MyLunaKiss License to Thrill Playlist.



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