Come up and see me sometime... I have nothing on but the radio.


by Barbie Kiss

The real quote: "Why don't you come up and see me sometime...when I have nothing on but the radio."

 You may have heard that quote before but do you know the quote is from Mae West!
This sexy dame was more famous than Lady Gaga in her heyday?

West's fame and bold sexual behavior catapulted her to megastar status and wealth. West was never shy with words, proud of her curves and a true beauty.

Who is Mae West
Mae West was born in Brooklyn in 1893, raised by German immigrant parents. Mae was the oldest of three children but was her mother's favorite. Tillie an aspiring actress in secret but a garment worker by day, encouraged Mae's precocious behavior which was not the norm during the late Victorian times.

Mae West on Film
Mae started performing at an early age and took full advantage of the Roaring Twenties and society's less constricted view of women compared to the strict Victorian era. Mae Jane West challenged society's morals by calling the first play she wrote "Sex". Arrest and conviction on a morals charge was the first of many moral incidents but this attention boosted publicity for her craft!

Mae West "The Icon" Modern Screen Magazine

Sex and MoralsMae's big screen debut was Night after Night but her famous film was "She Done Him Wrong" which saved Paramount from bankruptcy and made Mae a huge wealthy star that was also known for sex which did not help with the censors. Mae continued to push the button in a variety of films and dropping double-entendre in her films (sexual undertones). During the Depression and the late 50's Mae's act was not suitable for Hollywood morals so Mae moved her act to Vegas.

Mae West in the 70's 

Note: Outfit looks like was an inspiration to another well known Lady! CLICK TO FIND OUT.

During the mid 1960s to late '70s the sexual revolution was in full swing which renewed interest in Mae West films that were showcased at new independent film houses. Two final films resulted: Myra Breckinridge and Sextette (loose autobiography)

Famous Mae West Quotes: 
He who hesitates is last
So many men... so little time
A man in love is like a clipped coupon -- it's time to cash in.

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