Lost Loves...Can I get a rewind?

by Vickie Retro

9 1/2 Weeks 80's Film

Retro rant....
Sowing the Seeds of Love, Tears for Fears.

All this time, I thought it was Rowing in the Seas of Love. Okay, maybe I need a hearing test and the song is not even about love it is about insanity of man sowing the seeds of neglect I guess it is meant to be a contradiction.

My rant on lust that turns in to "in love" and the first 6 months of ecstatic wonderland euphoria! I'm out of breath from those colorful words...

Ever feel like you are not meant to be in a monogamous relationship or do you tire of being with someone after a year or less?

YES? or NO?
Do you only like a relationships in the beginning when everything is new and the romance is passionate?

Yes? or No?
I answer YES to both and really who doesn't enjoy being in a romantic scene

If I was given a choice to repeat the beginning of the first six months of my most cherished relationships the same way I replay my favorite retro songs on my Ipod...I would.

Unfortunately, no one has figured out how to "hit rewind on time" so until then I'm in reality navigating the waves of my rocky and at times serene love relationships. This is why love affairs remind me of the ocean because sometimes like the sea...love can be serene and magical and other times it is rough, unforgiving and darn irritating.

So take a moment from your busy day and listen to Axl Sterling, Roxanne and Barbie G. share their views, facts, insight and advice on how to navigate the choppy waters of relationships so that you can experience calm seas more often.



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