Let's Get Sexconscious - What does that mean?

by Vickie Retro
MyLunaKiss Youtube

Dax Riders

We compiled the most sensual thought provoking but minimalist songs that are mix of electronica, deep bass, beat brakes from all over the world. Artists like Dax Riders and Daft Punk or DJ Magic Mike and Infinite to Madonna and Bjork. This is a hot molten mix of retro and bass pumping music. Let's not forget the infamous Prodigy that can electrify any audience or Paul Oakenfold who's known for his Ibiza style compositions.

Let's Get Sexconscious MyLunaKiss Playlist

We would like to think we created a new word but sex conscious does exist although we melded it into one word ...Sexconscious!

Monica Bellucci
MyLunakiss defines sexconscious as the state of being conscious of your sexuality but not obvious about it so that it is a part of your subconscious.
There are people that exude a sexconscious vibe and it is not the ones that need to force their sensuality on you because it is sensed when they enter a room. Any person that encounters someone who evokes a sexconscious energy is hypnotized by their subtle but strong eroticism.


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