Happy Birthday to Me..Sexy Virgo's welcome Autumn

Back in the days, I used to religiously check my horoscope every morning so I knew ahead of time what to expect. Years later, I changed my ways and avoided my horoscope predictions like the plague.

For those of you who read your horoscope daily or bi-weekly or once a month, visit us often to find out the romantic side of your sign. August 23rd to September 23rd marks the sign of Virgo. Virgoans are people born under the sign of Virgo.

Virgo Woman Love Compatibility
  • Virgoans are thought believe that passion is a weakness of the soul and should treated by mind. 
  • Virgoans analyze their emotions and try to minimize them by being rational.
  • Virgoans are affectionate, loyal and supportive
  • Virgoans claimed that even in their sex lives Virgoans are more notable for the clinical perfection of their techniques than for genuine enthusiasm.
  • Virgoans find it hard to let themselves go emotionally because they are fearful of getting hurt so that is how they protect themselves.
  • A Virgo woman is always in a search of a man who is intellectually of the same level.
Most compatible or love match signs for Virgos:

  • Cancer - Your partner's humour can be a source of great pleasure to you. There is also a definite physical attraction between the two.
  • Leo -You may be tempted to just relax and let Leo's powerful personality take over the relationship. You'll both be happier when there's a more equal amount of give and take.
  • Additional compatible matches for a Virgo include Scorpio, and Taurus  but the best love match for Virgo is Capricorn. These two signs can create a good partnership because both are very practical in nature. Communication is important to Virgo and Capricorn, and they consider trust and loyalty to be the common important goal in any relationship
    Hot Celebrity Virgos over 40!

Salma Hayek
V Magazine
September 2, 1966

Richard Gere
August 31, 1949

Stella McCartney
September 13, 1971

Hugh Grant
September 9, 1960


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