Bruce Willis - Sexy Man over 40!

Why is Bruce Willis so sexy? 

Bruce Willis

Well, Willis has this sarcastic demeanor on film that is like a slow tease that becomes addictive. Willis exudes confidence and controlled sexiness on film. Mr. Willis is the kind man that women fantasize about running away with for a romantic wild weekend. He has that tough guy exterior with a heavy dose of intellect.

MyLunakiss celebrates Bruce Willis as Sexy over 40. The "Bruce Willis" killer combination of talented actor with a ruggedly handsome smirk and a unwavering devotion to his kids is more than remarkable especially since Willis has an amicable relationship with his ex-wife Demi Moore.

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Willis was born in March 1955 which means he is way beyond 40 but still maintains an amazing lean muscular body. His trademark acting persona is a man who suffered a tragedy or lost something or had a crisis of confidence or conscience. 6' foot Willis is known for his shaven head thanks to an early receding hairline on Moonlighting (show from the 80's with Cybill Shepard).

Bruce Willis and Emma Heming - W Magazine

Mr. Willis is currently married to Emma Heming and is scheduled to appear in the following films within the next year Catch 44 (western) and Fire with Fire (drama) and dozen other movies.

Bruce Willis Top Quotes:

"I am a sensitive guy. People think they know the real me, but they don't. And then they write things that make me sound like such a jerk."

"Who I am as a father is far more important to me than the public perception."

"Fifty is the new forty. I always thought my best work would come in the years forty to sixty, if I was fortunate enough to hang around - and it is hard to stick around."

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