7 Ways Not to Crush your Blooming Romance!

by Barbie Kiss

It seems that many women have become in love with the being in love!

The first six months of a relationship is so sublime...butterflies in the stomach, the first kiss, the first time you touch and then of course the sex is supreme. Fast forward six months later and reality slaps you in the face and stress, life issues, your hang ups and pet peeves road block your harlequin romance.

Why does that happen? Why can't we wear rose colored glasses for much longer?

Well, I don't have all the answers but rushing into a relationship is a great way to crush the romance out of any connection.

So the mylunakiss gals created 7 Ways Not to Crush your Blooming Romance just for you...

  1. Don't tell your new beau all your secrets in less time than it takes to lace your corset solo.
  2. Don't pressure your man to meet your entire family including your third cousins in less time than it takes for you to get pick and get a tattoo.
  3. Don't experiment with every sex move in the Kama Sutra before he truly shows you that you are his priority over anyone else (except his kids if he has them).
  4. Don't ask him to tell you all the names of all the girls he slept with or how many women he's bedded prior to your romantic hook up unless you are willing to share the same walk down memory lane or participate in a Ménage à Trois . Asking for the "lay" rap sheet is so high school.
  5. Don't spend every waking moment thinking of him or trying to connect with him via text or phone or skype....mystery is a nice aphrodisiac and independence is hotter than JLo in a video.
  6. Don't nag him unnecessarily. Nothing kills a romance more than a nagging Nellie.
  7. Do take your time to get to know him and ask yourself the important questions over time if you feel he might be the one. Remember you will have to spend the rest of your life with this person and nothing is sexier than mystery, romance, independence, respect, honesty and being a priority.


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