Romance Sparks on the 4th!

by Barbie Kiss

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Cary Grant and Grace Kelly
To Catch A Thief
Fireworks Romance
Wondering, how can I make the 4th intimate with a zillion people running around my house or sharing my park space or blaring their tunes on the radio at the beach.

MyLunaKiss to the rescue ...:) Check out our Top 7 Ways to keep the Sparks flying on the Fourth

Romance Sparks for the Fourth!

Couple on a Picnic
  1. Early risers...grab a thermos filled with Mimosas and head to the beach to watch the sunrise. Toast to the sun! 
  2. Share an intimate take-out dinner by the glow of candle light on the 3rd or the 4th.
  3. Listen to your favorite romantic tunes outside on your deck by the pool or in your favorite lawn chair the night before the fourth.
  4. Create your own fireworks after everyone has left. Pop up open a bottle of champagne, grab some of your favorite nosh strawberries, grapes, chocolate, whipped cream and you know the rest....
  5. Watching the sparks in the park, make an early picnic with blanket to boot. 
  6. Breakfast in bed, lovers alert this is not only for Mother's Day or Valentines Day!
  7. Staying away from the crowds and the crazy family...stay in bed all day and watch marathons for create your own marathon;).
Couple Romance Fireworks

Main Point, don't wait for the special day to make it special. No need to do what everyone else is doing create your own spark!


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