How to Get the Man of Your Dreams?

 by Barbie Kiss

How to attract attract your dream guy is not a gimmick.

Male Magnet

There are plenty of "how to find a man in...." guides that offer advice on how to lure the man of your dreams. Some advisers go to the extreme to say that you can attract the man you desire by getting a lock of his hair and putting it under your pillow and by the first full moon, he will be at your doorstep. Okay, and my hair will never frizz in humidity.

There is no quick fix or shortcut to getting anything valuable..a man, your dream job, your goals, etc. so if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true.

I am an advocate of visualization and I think it is the best way to get anything but first you need to work on yourself. Think of it as a "tune up for you" so that you can improve yourself and your life and attract a great guy.

The most important thing is to be brutally honest with yourself. If you can't be honest with yourself then ask one of your friends to help you with the questions below:

Sloppy Dresser - Woman

  1. Do you look nice when you go out or do you look sloppy or a like train wreck? If your appearance is less than desirable then you should try to improve your style. Ask for assistance. You don't have to invest in new wardrobe. 
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Positive Self Esteem

  1. Do you practice good hygiene, nails clean, take showers regularly, clean hair, good breath, etc? If no, invest in a manicure, spa treatment, haircut and commit to daily showers. Nothing is more of a male turn off than a dirty girl that is truly dirty not Xtina dirty.
  2. Are you an outgoing friendly person or are you a wallflower waiting for everyone to approach you? If your too shy to speak, you may want to try being more vocal. Join a special interest group or enroll in a class and challenge yourself to make some friends. No one is going to show up at your door and say  "I am the one for you."
  3. Have you ever gone anywhere alone, like a cafe, restaurant or a gym? If no, then try to do at least one of these things on your own and NO TALKING on the cell phone because then you are not giving anyone a chance to speak with you.
  4. Do you have very low self esteem? Most people don't like certain things about themselves but if you can find more things wrong with you than right you may need to seek professional help. Not joking...seriously - speaking with a counselor or therapist (does not have to be forever) will set you on track. Extreme low self esteem is negative energy and if you don't love yourself then no matter who becomes your love partner - they will never be able to make you happy.
  5. Love YOU first and I don't mean be conceited but love yourself enough to know that you deserve to be treated with respect. If you abide by that you will attract a man that will respect you
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