Breakup Remedy...according to Jennifer Aniston

by Vickie Retro

Jennifer Aniston

Breakups suck for many reasons unless it is amicable which I question because are both individual really happy their relationship is ending?

Not sure, either way, Jennifer Aniston ( Sexy Women over 40) is linked to the word "break up" for many reasons aside from the movie The Break Up with ex-boyfriend Vince Vaughn and according to the tabloid circuit the Vaughn and Aniston split was amicable.

It seems to be six degrees of separation for the word "break up" and 6 years of Brad Pitt revelations for Jennifer A. since their split (March 2005). Aniston reveals in a recent interview with James Lipton on Inside The Actor's Studio that the movie The Break Up helped her get over her split with Brad Pitt...hmmm interesting.

Judge for yourselves in this Jennifer Aniston video clip!

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