Betrayal,Blasphemy and Boob Jobs...Mob Wives Reunion

by Barbie Kiss

Vh1 Mob Wives Reunion

You may have read my other articles, Betrayal is a Bitch....Mob Wives Finale or Vh1 Mob Wives...a contradiction or an addiction? if not, perhaps you might want to..or not.

Okay, I was excited, actually a "nervous nellie" watching the reunion last night, not because I get nervous watching a show but because whenever I watch a Vh1 Mob Wives brawl I feel like I am there in the middle of the fight.

I guess I am crazy or perhaps I have a bond with the millions of women that watch this show. I have to confess I have a Mob Wives addiction, it is so bad that I joined MobWives Fan Chat on Facebook!

Well, at least I can take a break until the Vh1 Mob Wives Fall season.

Vh1 Mob Wives Picture at Karen Gravano's Birthday
A quick recap if you missed it...Wendy Williams was a sub par host, she never engaged with the mobster wives cast and spent most time discussing the fight between Karen G. and Drita D'Avanzo which has been played ad nauseam on the internet and on Vh1.

There was so much more to discuss, I mean there were 10 f***** episodes (I feel the need to curse since there was so much blasphemy I did not notice the f-bombs after 10 minutes) but I guess Vh1 is saving it for the Mob Wives Fall season. Williams did ask Renee Graziano about her boob jobs and the many other plastic surgeries she had or planning to have in the future and her stylist job with Rap artists and that she is no longer with Junior.

Drita D'Avanzo looked drained and it was probably because she has a divorce looming with Lee D'Avanzo which was mentioned only once and if you were not glued to the boob tube like I was you would have missed the comment.

Wendy Williams asked Karen Gravano about the book for a whole ...OMG ...2 minutes and then asked the ethnicity of the father of Karen's child - okay, he is black and....?  I don't recall if Williams asked Carla Facciolo anything, oh wait she asked if Carla is back with her husband.

Drita D'Avanzo and Carla Facciolo
Well, that sums up the Mob Wives reunion, maybe Vh1 should have spent more time prepping Wendy Williams for the interview or more time in the editing room.

Personally, I feel a reality reunion show is a hit because of the host. The cast of any reality show is already drama filled so all you have to do is guide the drama and also capture at least one "Barbara Walter's teary eyed moment".  Futhermore, tt seems to me that Wendy Williams did not have much control of the cast of the Mob Wives so she spent very little time directing them. Can't wait till Season 2 of Vh1 Mob Wives and if you are fan of Wendy Williams, I hope I did not offend:)
Stay tuned for my MyLunaKiss fashion review of the entire season of Vh1 Mob Wives.


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