MyLunaKiss Top 5 Cheap Romantic Summer Spots!

by BarbieKiss

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Atlantis Resort Bahamas - Mayan Tower "Leap of Faith"

My favorite time of year, sun fun and carefree mindless jaunts to anywhere with anyone...well maybe someone devilishly handsome.

If you are on a budget like most of us - thanks to gas gouging and food inflation planning a trip to Capri and staying at a luxury resort may be fabulous but why not take the cost of that trip and split it into to four getaways?

Altantis Resort - Bahamas - The Cove Lobby
I stayed at Atlantis last year and the year before and I love it. The restaurants charge NY prices but they are now offering free breakfast through August (new discount) and you can take fruit with you to the beach then nosh on fine cuisine at one of their many 5 star restaurants including Bobby Flay's Mesa total must do!  Prices range from $360 to $1k and flights are cheap. If you want to bring the kids they stay FREE.

Altantis Resort - Bahamas - The Cove
 If you love music, French food and live on the East Coast? Well, consider Montreal, Quebec (the other Paris).

 Less than an hour by plane if you fly out of JFK or go cheap and take the bus. Yes, I said bus! Montreal has a tons of great restaurants, tourist friendly and English speaking, amazingly cheap clean hotels and tons of things to do.



Montreal Jazz Festival

  • Trailways to Montreal - Yes, 1 hour on the plane versus 9 hours by bus...hmmm? Well, it takes at least 4 hours to travel to the airport, check in, go through security..blah blah and then 1 hour to land and get yourself organized and 1 1/2 hour fly or more depending on delays, etc. so that is more than half of the 9 hours on an air conditioned bus with no interruptions. Fares are as low as $139 round trip.

Stay tuned for the next 3 Cheap Summer the interim you are invited to


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