Make Up Sex to the 2nd Power!

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Ever wonder why make up sex is so amazing!

Your body is surging with tons of emotions whirling around in a dizzy circle.

Fast forward to the next morning and you wake  up wondering "WTF" or "Oh God" depending on your vernacular...several days forward to the next time you submerge into one molded passionate embrace of ecstasy with your love partner and your wondering why is this not so great?

Why is this time not like our make up sex episode?

Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman - Vogue Magazine
Shot by Annie Leibovitz

Well, duh it's because your emotions were raw and next time you have sex after makeup sex it is less of a roller coaster ride because your emotions are protected.

You are a victim of emotion lockdown!

Break the sex wasteland barrier and don't protect your emotions...relax, breathe deep and try to be open and "in the moment" (no Oprah thoughts please...another episode another subject) instead of worrying if you have cellulite or what he said to piss you off 20 minutes ago - pretend it is the last time you will ever have sex and let go emotionally.

Break free from yourself and live for the moment not for the next 12 years.

According to many experts, it is not what you do physically that makes sex amazing it is the emotional connection in your brain. You will feel so much more passion and energy that makeup sex will taste... sort of like stale bread.

Nothing drains a sexy moment dry when you look like crap so please try to look sexy and feel sexy for that moment. Sweatpants and t-shirt are okay for occasional spur of the moment quickie's but not every time.

To help boost your Sexy Score we picked the hottest lingerie items for you to wear during your raw passion session:

Diva Vinyl Lace Babydoll

Zebra Print Babydoll
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