A Love Recipe for your Sweetheart...men pay attention!

Love Recipe

A love recipe may sound a bit too sweet but it is worth the time. The mylunakiss love recipe is more like the Top 7 Ways to keep the Romance alive and your woman happy!

Man with Flowers
  1. A compliment is priceless.... "You look beautiful today" or "You look pretty in red"
  2. A phone call in the middle of day to share how much she means to you or a love text.
  3. Dedicate a love song video to her on Facebook.
  4. When you get home ask "What can I do to help with the kids?" if you don't have kids  "Do you need help with anything, what can I do?"
  5. Fix her favorite night time snack. For example, my hubby makes me tea every now and then at night.
  6. Draw her bubble bath on the weekend.
  7. Surprise her with flowers or any item that means a lot to her for no particular reason.


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