Flora Accessories Madness!

by Champagne King

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A brief intro about me, I'm an FIT graduate, lived in London and Paris for years working in the fashion retail industry, and a style maven. I'm obsessed with retro fashion trends and the history of fashion as well as style and trends of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Couture is expensive but if you know how to style you can look très chic for less.

Flornication or Flowers of Fancy....Belles Fleurs Accessories - Part I

Flowers have been the inspiration for dresses since as far back as the Grecian times and flowers have been connected with romance and sensuality for centuries. Grecian Brides wore a wreath made of flowers and exotic plants around their head.

Classic Flower Style Accessories

The mylunakiss selection is based on Spring and Resort 2011 and 2010 because this style is always a classic!

Nina Ricci Flower and Porcelain Glass Bracelet


2011 Gold Filled wire Hand Wrapped Red Rose Ring
Custom Made $30-$40

Botanical Glass Charm Heart Bracelet

Silk Chiffon Purse, Blugirl Handbags

Flower Nylon Wristlet - Turquoise

Price: $25.90

Printed duchesse Satin boot, Miu Miu,
Bakers Womens Aarie Wedge Sandal

Stay tuned every week for my tasty dish of Stylista for Less or Mode pas Cher!


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