Engagement Chicken ...He Proposed!

by Vickie Retro

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Harry Winston Engagement Ring

The Engagement Chicken recipe is still a hot topic even though the recipe is over 20 years old...and it's a sumptuous recipe.

Bride at Table Setting Outdoors

Glamour Magazine seems to have a love affair with this magical marital recipe because they write about it every year.  One of my favorite TV cooks is Ina Garten from The Barefoot Contessa (...we love her life) also create an engagement chicken recipe but to be different Garten named it  Engagement Roast Chicken. 

If you plan to create this delicious chicken recipe, take a moment to read a few engagement chicken stories to inspire you while you plan your romantic weekend of roses, candlelight, walks on the beach, poems and unrequited expressions of love ...like in the movies....okay maybe you won't to do all that to hear those three precious words ...Will You Marry Me?

Tiffany and Co. Will You Marry Me Proposal Stories - Ed Burns

I wish you luck!

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