Betrayal is a Bitch....Mob Wives Finale

by Barbie Kiss
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Drita D'Avanzo in a Bikini and a Fur Coat
Drita's Photo shoot VH1 Mob Wives

Karen Gravano - Red Wrap Dress
Vh1 Mob Wives Photo
The Mob Wives finale...the drama, the glitz, the glamour!
As I promised in my last article Vh1 Mob Wives...a contradiction or an addiction?, I am back with more mobster madness. Stay tuned for my comments on the VH1 Mob Wives reunion airing tonight.

I was glued for part of the marathon because I missed several episodes but after three hours of staring at the boob tube, I felt like I was in a fight. Gee whiz, where do I begin?

Carla Facciolo - wearing a Print Wrap Dress
Vh1 Mob Wives on Good Morning America

I will start with my favorite quotes,  "The Maria Callas of Vh1 Mob Wives" - Renee Graziano's lunch conversation with Karen Gravano, the bull of the bunch.

"People think my life is a like a bowl of's not and I have all the pits to prove it", Karen Gravano - can I say viral quoting.

"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me but I will run you over in my car..muther.f*****." Renee Graziano
Renee Graziano - in a black jacket with a Sequin lining
VH1 Mob Wives Photo

The last part of the Mob Wives Finale was like an HBO Soprano's cliffhanger, Drita's brawl with Karen Gravano, which was really ignited by Drita confessing to Carla Facciolo in a previous scene that she found out Lee D'avanzo was unfaithful during the two years he was not spending time in jail. If you missed the Mob Wives on Vh1, Finale Blow out... take a quick view of Drita's Fight Scene.

I could bash these women as most bloggers and writers do but I won't because I have class and I cannot fathom what it's like to live their lives and deal with their issues so I will never judge...maybe comment every now and then.
We make a point at mylunakiss to never judge anyone unless we are questioning the reason for their crazytown behaviour.
It's amazing that these women continue to manage living as "single mothers" taking care of their kids solo and deal with their incarcerated spouses with more patience that I could ever muster. No matter what you think of them - their ability to look fabulous is a true testament to their motto, at least Renee G's quote "the glitz ..the glamour".

Wow, the furs, sequins and diamonds and animal prints...finally women with meat on their bones...Renee and Karen are full figured women who are confident and flashy. Every size is represented and they all look mob glam.

Bikini's and Fur! Check out Drita's Sexy Photoshoot!

Drita D'Avanzo in  White Bikini and Hat
Vh1 Mob Wives photo shoot

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