Balmy Nights, Smokey Voices and a Skinny Girl Margarita

by Vickie Retro

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Julie London -
Ever wonder why those dames from the 40's and 50's were so damn sexy and mysterious? It is not so obvious because Hollywood portrayed these suave starlets as desperate housewives wannabees but they were really confident women that knew their power but did not feel they needed to shove it down a man's throat.

Silent power is more persuasive than a bitch fest or whining when you don't get what you want. Nothing is less desirable than a whining woman stamping around because she is not getting her way with her gal pals or man of the moment or hubby.

Julie London - Pin Up Calendar Girl

Julie London pops into my head once again, Round Midnight. I am sure you are familiar with the song and if not then let's try to educate ourselves a bit...shall pop open a bottle of Skinny Girl Margarita and listen to some great tunes at night under the stars solo or with whoever fleets your fancy.

Who knew that London could sound so cool while expressing hurt and heartache. For more Julie London check out mylunakiss article Black Coffee

Round Midnight Lyrics
It begins to tell,
'round midnight, midnight.
I do pretty well, till after sundown,
Suppertime I'm feelin' sad;
But it really gets bad,
'round midnight.

Memories always start 'round midnight
Haven't got the heart to stand those memories,
When my heart is still with you,
And ol' midnight knows it, too.

When a quarrel we had needs mending,
Does it mean that our love is ending.
Darlin' I need you, lately I find
You're out of my heart,
And I'm out of my mind.

Let our hearts take wings'
'round midnight, midnight
Let the angels sing,
for your returning.
Till our love is safe and sound.
And old midnight comes around.

Feelin' sad, really gets bad

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