Where is my Prince...dammit?

by Vickie Retro

It's a total viral explosion of Royal Mania, Catherine Middleton and Prince William are now husband and wife and "patient Kate's life" will never be the same (Kate waited 9 years for the proposal). I cannot escape the daily royal wedding obsession on the web or the boob tube. 

Why did 24 million Americans tune in at the crack of dawn to witness this Royal Marriage? Well, I think we can all thank Romance for that.  Thanks romance...you did it again!
As I child, I remember pictures of Princes and Princesses (thanks Disney) and the story rarely ever changes except the characters and the scenery. I can recite it without thinking -  the Prince marries an innocent lowly girl who becomes a Princess and they both live happily ever after... without marital therapy. 

Sweet Sixteen - Billy Idol ...was my crush..not really related to this article but wish he was singing to me.

You are probably wondering...where is my Prince? Where is that perfect man that will treat me like a Princess, write love poems, wait on me, buy me whatever I want, spoil and pamper me by fulfilling all my requests and showing me his undying love daily...one can dream. Oh well, fast forward to present day...

I found my Prince (not on a white horse) and he treats me with respect, good faith, honesty, loyalty and tons of love and I appreciate him daily.

Train - Marry Me

10 Tips on how to find your true Prince Charming:

Note: Don't wait for your Prince to find you because you will be waiting a very long time.
  • Be proactive
  • Look your Best (no frumpville)
  • Be Friendly and Open
  • If you have major personality flaw fix it (ask your closest friends to be brutally honest with you about your flaw factor)
  • Be open to new experiences.
  • Accept change (biggie for many)
  • Step outside 0f your safety box (never date short men...well try that for a change)
  • Shades of gray are okay - don't be so rigid
  • Don't judge before you listen (remember you did not live their life)
  • Physical exterior is not everything it is the person inside that counts. (it's true ..that does not mean you need to cozy up with a monster)
  • Looks fade - your looks will fade - and his hair will most likely recede and he will age 
  • Find someone you can connect with on multiple levels instead of one (similar views, ideals, whatever is most important to you)
  • Timing
Your Prince could be the guy you spoke to on the phone for hours the night your boyfriend ended it; Your prince could be the man that listens to your tales of woe; Your prince could be the dude that is always there whenever you need a good friend. 

I Would Die 4 U - Prince by Doloresdu92

Step outside your safety net and stop being a stick in the mud. Trust me if you open yourself to new experiences you will find more than your Prince Charming...you will find the love of your life!


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