Temperature's rising...let's try a nudist resort!

by Luna Lugo
Updated as of 5/2017
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I was reading the June/July issue of the Latina magazine article "My Day at a Nudist Camp" and it triggered memories of watching documentaries about nudist retreats and nudist colonies. Sexual taboos intrigue me for many reasons - mainly because it is not the "norm" whatever that means in present day.

Nudist Beach

I accidentally went to a nudist beach once and ended up staying the whole day...really... and a nude beach is tame compared to a nudist camp.

The most common theme at nudist retreats (aside from no clothes) is body confidence -no one at the retreat is ashamed of their fat pockets in fact after being around nude people all day you will start to forget that you are sans clothes and in front of absolute strangers.  Your inhibitions of exposure will disappear.

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If you need a confidence boost or looking for something new... I suggest visiting a nude beach or staying at nudist resort at least once...you may be surprised (we like to say this a lot).  If you are thinking nudity is one thing but don't want to be bothered by sex crazed nude people, it's not like that in fact most nudist camps require members to follow strict codes and policies.

Check out the mylunakiss top five nudist spots to visit:

  1. Solair Family Nudist Resort: Located in Woodstock, CT. In operation since 1935 and they follow a strict rules and runs security checks on first time visitors.
  2. Desert Sun Resort: Located in Palm Springs, CA. A luxury resort that offers a clothing optional experience except by the pool. Adult Only. 
  3. Cypress Cove Nudist Resort and Spa: Located in Kissimmee, FL on 300 acre facility and a 50 acre lake since 1964.
  4. Mira Vista Resort: Located in Tucson, AZ, the oldest clothing optional resort, in operation since the 1850's but was taken over by new management in 1997. CLOSED NOW
  5. Hidden Beach Resort - Au Natural Club: Located in Cancun, Mexico, luxury all inclusive resort that boast the best for everything in the buff. Their rules are not as strict but still prohibits inappropriate behavior.
  6. Paradise Valley Resort Club: Founded in 1976, it is one of the oldest nudist resorts and it's open year round. Located in Atlanta, Georgia it caters to singles and couples. The resort is built on 106 acres and is a stickler for privacy. Membership is encouraged.

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