Spring Fling, Beach Memories and Sexy Tees!

by Vickie Retro

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Time to bask in the sun and be carefree. Time to enjoy endless trips to the beach, beefy barbecues with red wine, sangria or beer depending on your taste buds.

What goes well with anything in the warmer season year round?  The uniform for the summer spells sexy with a capital "T".

T-Shirts or Tees keep you cool anytime of the day or night with jeans, cutoffs, cargos, shorts and Capri pants (Capris are really great for the summer). Nothing is sexier than a retro T-Shirt or 80's Tee.
So catch some rays, breathe in the salty air while wearing a Marilyn Monroe Vintage Tee or a Blondie T-Shirt - the sexiest icons on the planet!

Marilyn Monroe Face Tee Shirt up to Size XL.

Blondie "Rip Her to Shreds" Tee Shirt available up to XL.

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