Rose Jewelry custom made for you...with Swarovski Crystals!

by Vickie Retro

 Custom handmade jewelry is much better than mass produced jewelry .We are super excited to introduce our Love Jewelry Collection! Each piece is made by hand and made in America, actually in the state of Arizona. 

The necklaces and rings are featured are all made with Swarovski crystals.

Our talented jewelry designer creates works of art by hand and with love.

We offer an wide variety of necklaces and rings for any occasion: birthdays, anniversaries, wedding gifts, Valentines Day, Mother's Day and Xmas. Any day that is special to you or the person you care about.

Take a preview and visit us often for updates.

Red Rose and Ribbon Necklace

with Swarovski Crystals Beading

The red rose also call the Lover's Rose has symbolized love and romance for hundreds of years. The red rose that we are familiar with was introduce to Europe from China in the 1800's but the Greeks and Romans believed that the red rose came from the goddess of love. 


Red Rose Ring - 14k Gold Filled Wire Wrapped with Swarovski Crystals


Handmade Black Rose Ribbon Necklace with Organza with Black Swarovski Crystals


You can now carry the stunning black rose with you always with this beautiful handmade

Sterling Silver wire hand wrapped Swarosvki Black Rose Ring


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