MyLunaKiss Lingerie Credo?

by Barbie Kiss

What is a credo?

A credo is a statement, a belief, an action. MyLunaKiss truly believes this statement:

Women of all shapes, ages and sizes are beautiful and sexy! Confidence = Sexy!

As women, we need to continually invest our self esteem, we need to love our selves daily and appreciate the true beauty of who we are and what we represent.  Remember you define yourself and no one else. You are smart, amazing, unique, romantic, passionate and progressive.

Never let anyone dictate who you should be or could be because you are unique and sexy in your own way.

Wearing lingerie is an added extra to your sensuality and it emphasizes how you feel and the way you express yourself.

Brief Lingerie History: According to the encyclopedia the term lingerie is from the Old French term "linge", meaning “linen,” and the term "lingerie" was introduced into the English language as a verbiage for flagrant intimate apparel. The term“lingerie” was not in common language or discussion until the late 1850s in the USA. Lingerie fashion over the last 100 years has changed from the laced corset “wasp waists” to the uplifted corsets of the early 1990's worn by supermodels and Madonna in music videos and onstage. The main use of lingerie was to support the body in some way.  Lingerie trends have changed over the years but the meaning has not changed - wearing lingerie evokes power, sensuality and confidence.


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