Vh1 Mob Wives...a contradiction or an addiction?

by Barbie Kiss

Another season, another obsession about wives and a genre, culture, society, etc.

Vh1 - Mob Wives - Drita D'Avanso
You may recall my lust filled rants about E's Married to Rock or my second article Married to Rock - II.

Now I'm hooked on Vh1's Mob Wives. I saw the teasers and was instantly attracted to the mayhem. I watched the first show with high expectations -  a tad disappointing.

As a an avid follower of HBO's Sopranos (from first episode to the finale), I was hoping for a mafia memory lane. They say second time is a charm because  Episode 102 "The Bitch is Back" was riveting - some people may be appalled by the behaviour, attitudes and messages but this is a ...SHOW.

Mob wives fashion is what interests me the most...animal prints galore, fur extravaganza, lace, silk and satin mixed with leather and more fur, manicured nails and velour jogging suits and globs of red lipstick. Undergarments as day wear is not only on the runway it is also on Staten Island.

Well, I am fan of faux fur but each to it's one.

Check out mylunakiss favorite Mobster Wife looks from different movies and shows:

Mob Wives - Big Ang, Renee Graziano and Drite D'Avanzo
Wild Prints, Thigh High Boots and Fur
Animal Prints are always in Style
Drea De Matteo and Michael Imperioli from Sopranos

Casino - Sharon Stone "Ginger" - "It's chinchilla"
credit: Casino
Check out one of   our favorite Mob Wives Inspired Lingerie Pick:

Plus Chemise Leopard Print Halter Set
Plus Chemise Leopard Print Halter Set

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