Tattoos, Talent, True Blood and Bisexuality?

by Vickie Retro

Evan Rachel Wood - Esquire Magazine
My title sounds like a good plot for a reality show or a film noir...but it is not I am speaking of the infamous Evan Rachel Wood.

Ms. Wood is not mainstream but not behind the curtain either instead she straddles celebrity and movie stardom with a distance and a current obsession with... death? At the young of 23, when most people are obessing about men or clothes - Evan writes a will.

Maybe it's her unpredictable relationship with Marilyn Manson that is inspiring her morbid exploration or maybe she is a chameleon constantly evolving like a storm in the distance. Either way, Wood reminds me of a young Winona Ryder with a heavy dose of Linda Fiorentino.

Linda Fiorentino

Winona Ryder

Wood is featured on the May cover of Esquire magazine.


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