Married Women...Unleash your inner Sex Goddess!

by Barbie Kiss

Ever wonder why the first kiss, or the first time you make love with your "husband to be" it's so amazing? Fast forward to your wedding and then honeymoon and then the magic of the first kiss slowly gets lukewarm for most relationships...not all.

Ever wonder who is this man I married?  Well, I am sure the same thoughts run through his mind - in fact I know.

What happened to the beautiful, spontaneous woman who loved to be naughty often. Where is she?

Too many women get stressed, tired, insecure and unsure after marriage, kids and a busy career and their memory of the Prince on the white horse that whisked them away is a distant dream replaced by a grumpy man sleeping next to them at night.

Dove Self Esteem Campaign

Maybe you need to bring the "sexy back" and unleash your inner sex goddess because she is in there dying to get out. It's no secret that sex relieves stress, is great for burning calories and is essential for connecting on a physical and emotional level.

If you feel like a slump because your curves are not as tight as JLo and your stomach is forming a small pouch - don't worry about it. Most men don't care ....really...there is a reason they fell in love with you and I am sure it way more than your physical attributes. 

Most women are a lot harder on themselves than they need to be according to Glamour magazine, 97% of the women they polled go through a "hate their body moment". Do you think most men lay awake at night crying of their bulging stomach? No.

Believe me, he still thinks you are a beautiful person, inside and out.

Get your sexy back and seize the moment,  instead of wearing the weekday special (sweats, t-shirt and a ponytail) slip on a thong, sheer baby doll, and a cup of confidence and self love.  

MyLunaKiss - Sheer Babydoll Allure Lingerie

You will be pleased to discover that your sextastic side is still awake and who knows you may feel like it is your first moment all over again.

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  1. So true. Marriage is a roller coaster ride.


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