Jennifer Aniston is Sexy over 40! - A reflection.

by Barbie Kiss

Aniston is not a femme fatale and no longer the "quirky girl next door" instead she is a woman who has matured over the years personally and on screen.

Jennifer Aniston "W" Shoot 2010

Jennifer Aniston is the perfect portrait of the female next door, the girlfriend that women want go to dinner with and take on vacation. Aniston is the epitome of the vulnerable woman that blooms on the pages of a magazine and shows vulnerability in every interview - at times wounded or haunted by her past.  

Aniston seems happy with her independence, freedom and friends and now current husband and although I don't know personally I feel like I do...

Aniston is 44 years old, still acting in memorable films that I like to watch over again on rainy days. Either way, whatever your opinion of Aniston, I am sure you will agree she looks great on film and on the cover of a magazine.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux
Check out this behind the scenes photo shoot with Allure  for the magazine spread of Jennifer Aniston and on the cover of UK's Red Magazine in May 2011.

If you are a big fan of Jennifer Aniston you may want to check out the Chelsea Lately Interview


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