Future is so bright ...I might as well lose weight?

by Barbie Kiss

Fashion this season is a burst of primary colors like orange, fuschia and very berry or prim green or kissable red. Stay Tuned for our favorite lingerie picks for Spring.

Either way, one of my favorite models Crystal Renn, (aka used to be plus size model) is now a smaller version and personally I prefer her full figured but I am not one to throw negative comments.

It seems the fashion industry prefers her thin as well which is sad because you think by now we would love, appreciate, celebrate and admire all shapes and sizes.

I am still happy for Ms. Renn as I was in Does Size Really Matter.

Crystal Renn
Vogue México Abril 2011 (Photography: David Roemer)
I prefer Crystal this way instead but you decide.

Crystal Renn (before)
Ruffle Lace Layered Camisole Set
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