Corsets are Hot to Trot this Season!

by Barbiekiss

To say that I'm obssessed with corsets is an understatement. I will make up an excuse to wear a corset any day or at anytime.

The corset trends for warmer weather are on bridal dresses too inspired by the Ballerina trend if you recall we predicted that in Ballerinas are Hot Again.

Ballerina Bridal Dresses

We are advocates of lingerie as outerwear as we stated when we first created and it our mantra.

Bright colors, lots of lace and ruffle thanks to Betsy Johnson, Dolce and Gabbana and fetish fantasy thanks to Givenchy and from famous surrealist Frida Kahlo (my artist obssession since 10 years ago).

"Raven" Corset 
Perfect with Skirt, Shorts or Capris
Day to Night Wear 

Dolce and Gabbana 2011
Romantic Satin Ruffle Corset

Betsy Johnson 2011

Fetish 2011 Inspired Givenchy


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