Chacon...A Sex Icon

by Luna Lugo

Iris Chacon
Iris Chacon is not a household name in the USA but she was famous for her sexy barely there outfits, boldly wearing G-Strings anywhere and very curvy figure from the 1960's to the early 1980's in Latin America (Puerto Rico mostly) why may wonder ...because Iris Chacon was proud of her raw sexuality and expressed herself freely without restrictions.

Chacon Sex Icon

Chacon was a dancer, entertainer, actor and singer (although her voice and acting was not earth shattering but that does not seem to matter in the millenium). Chacon was so sexy that she made car coolant hot and her appearance in the Amelie Coolant commercial in Puerto Rico made even more famous and controversial.

Chacon's dancing moves oozed sex and her rumoured measurements 36-24-42 were not the norm but her dancing kept her curves tight.

Chacon a Sex Symbol

Raw sexuality is not new - sexual expression transforms constantly and Iris Chacon's sensuality is an inspiration to many like JLo and Shakira and so much more I'm sure.

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