Thong or not to Thong?


No underwear or "going commando" or  "flying free" may have it's benefits like eases the discomfort of wearing an extra garment, some experts state that wearing no underwear while sleeping is beneficial for your vulva (genital organs of the female) and the no underwear rule is great when you encounter unfortunate circumstances (i.e. vaginal itching).
There are certain times sans underwear is not the best way to go since underwear is a protective layer between your skin and your clothes and wearing underwear will prevent chafing or irritation when wearing pants or jeans or anything that is tight fitting...a thong may be a better choice some say wearing thongs is uncomfortable after a while but it depends on the fabric and style. If you don't feel comfortable in a thong all day save it for your night trysts.

The thong is not about trends either, (sorry not dead yet) if you ask most guys they will tell you that it is nice to see a woman wearing a thong especially with lingerie so stop worrying about what is In or Not.

It's okay you don't have to burn your thongs no one killed the thong. Another alternative is boy shorts or booty shorts or cheeky panties because they are cut to accentuate the curve of your derriere and work really well especially if you have a small derriere.

 The C-String is another alternative to skimpy underwear or barely there underwear. If you are wondering what is a C-String. It is underwear designed with same construction as a underwire bra but comfortable for nightly pleasures. I would not suggest wearing this long term like during the day but hey whatever floats your boat.

It is not necessary to choose - to wear or not wear is not the question. The question is what should I wear today or tonight!


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