Julianne Moore is Sexy over 40

by Luna Lugo

MyLunakiss.com celebrates Julianne Moore as our Sexy over 40 Woman of the month.

Julianne Moore

Aside from the fact she is slated to portray Sarah Palin  (who it seems is not too happy about it) according to several news sources - Moore also starred in the Academy nominated movie  "The Kids are Alright" with Annette Bening.

Moore was born in 1960, she lived in many places due to her father's occupation as a military Judge. Moore is most famous for her role in Magnolia and Boogie Nights (Moore was not sold on it at first when she was approached for the role as a porn star).

Quick Facts about Julianne Moore:
 Information Source: Wikipedia, IMdB.com, and quotelucy.com
  • Moved 23 times before she turned 18 because her father was a lawyer in the army. The actress went to 9 schools.
  • In order to convincingly portray the role of a housewife suffering from an immune disorder in Safe (1995), she lost 10 pounds off of her already petite frame.
  • She and Joan Cusack played pregnant women in Nine Months (1995). In 1997, their own sons were born.
  • She was on Entertainment Weekly's list of "The 25 Greatest Actresses of the '90s" (issue date: 11/20/98).
  • In an interview for Inside the Actor's Studio, she stated that Ralph Fiennes is her favorite leading man. They portrayed lovers in The End of the Affair (1999).
    Chosen as one of People Magazine's '50 most beautiful' list. [2001]
  • Artist ambassador for "Save the Children".

Julianne Moore
Famous Julianne Moore Quote:

 You never have sex the way people do in the movies. You don`t do it on the floor, you don`t do it standing up, you don`t always have all your clothes off, you don`t happen to have on all the sexy lingerie. You know, if anybody ever ripped my clothes, I`d kill them.

For more on check out: Julianne Moore.net or Julianne Moore Fan Page.


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