Corsetti...timeless classic seduction!

by Barbie Kiss

The corset reinvented!

Our motto at mylunakiss is that lingerie can be worn anywhere - undergarments as outerwear is bellissimo and a corset is so versatile that you can wear it from day to night to midnight. 

Many designers feature corsets as a staple in every collection!

Balmain Spring
Famous rock star fashion designer, Balmain featured the corset as fun and frilly or sleek and sophisticated for Spring paired with ripped jeans or tight leggins.  It seems the corset is more prominent in this decade than it was in the 80's - the main accessory for street fashion thanks to Madonna..Queen of the Corset.

Brief Corset History.

Some sources state that the original corset was created in the 16th century "payre of bodies" or called stays because it covered below the bust all the way to the hips ...but the first corset was worn by Cretan women between 3000 and 1500 BC.

Cretan Woman in a Corset
 To think if I had to wear a corset everyday for my entire life it would be not be so sexy.  I am sure most women were happy when they were asked by the War Industries Board (WIB) during World War I to stop buying corsets because they were made of crinoline which was made of metal. 
Fast foward to now and the corset is sexier and more comfortable than ever to wear. Check out featured corset of the day reminiscent of the classic corsets!

Classic Corset -


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