Chase the work Blues away and go on a Romantic Rendevous!

Thompson Hotels, Beverly Hills, CA

by Barbie Kiss

Whenever I am feeling blue and I want to escape on a romantic rendezvous - I try to think of creative and inexpensive ways to live out my sextastic voyage. If you don't have enough cash to spare for a brief jaunt to an exotic island, luxury spa or B&B miles away...try a boutique may be surprised.

Affinia Chicago

MyLunaKiss Romantic Boutique Hotels Quick List: Most boutique hotels offer great customer service because they cater to business clientele, the rooms are bigger, romantic packages are always an option and most hotels are located near romantic restaurants.
  • Affinia Hotels are famous for their stellar customer service, each hotel is unique, and they offer great early bird and romantic packages.
The Muse, Kimpton Hotel, NY
  • Kimpton Hotels are pet friendly, and offer a Sunday sleep-in rate plan, special services and they are a female friendly because they cater to female business travelers.
Rates for Affinia and Kimpton vary between $150 to $400 and both offer fabulous adjacent restaurants, clean rooms and comfortable beds.
Thompson Hotel Beverly Hill
A luxury Boutique hotel is a step above the Business Boutique hotel, room size may vary but these hotels are very stylish and customer service is a major priority. We suggest you book at least 2-3 weeks in advance because they fill rooms quickly. Prices vary from $180- $600 but you can get a decent discount on their exclusive offers. 
Personal Note: I can honestly say that I have stayed at all three hotel chains in different states and no matter where I go or which hotel I choose to stay in Kimpton, Affinia or Thompson, I leave with a smile.


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