Who was sexiest at the Oscars?

by Barbiekiss

The Oscars are famous for the awards, crazy speeches and who was wearing what on the red carpet. That may be riveting to most... but I want to know who was the sexiest at the Oscars?

but wait before the sexy Oscar dress list...let's pause and reflect on the famous kiss between Halle Berry and Adrian Brody

In case you never got a chance to see the video...click on the photo or this sentence to view the kiss...sexy forever in film.

Adrian Brody and Halle Berry - Kiss at the Oscars
MyLunakiss top 5 list of the sexiest or hottest females at the Oscars!

Jennifer Hudson svelte in a bright tangerine Versace floor length dress...some say oragami...I say sexy with a dash of sassy.

Jennifer Hudson - Getty Images 2011 Oscars

Gwyneth Paltrow in Calvin Klein ...they call it Molten ...I call it Sparkle and expensive lame with a Plunging Neckline

Gwyneth Paltrow - Getty Images 2011 Oscars

Halle Berry in Marchesa ...stunning..sexy and beautiful.

Halle Berry - Getty Images 2011 Oscars
Jennifer Lopez in a one shoulder dress with a long sash...wait she was not at the Oscars but she was in a Venus commercial that aired during the Oscars.

Jennifer Lopez - P&G Commercial Photo
Lisa Maria Falcone...wondering who is that...well she is the executive producer of "127 Hours" a film nominated. Falcone may not be a household American name but she is a stunner in that one shoulder sextastic graphic Zaldy Goco dress.


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