What to do if you are alone for Valentines Day?

by Vickie Retro

updated for the Solo Femme's and Males out there...:)

I'm in Love with Me Day on Feb. 13th

Every Valentines Day, I wonder what is the big deal?

One day dedicated to love and if you don't have someone then you suck...whatever *^%$%

Well, that does not work for me. I am happy being solo.

I ended my relationship with my boyfriend of 2 years. We parted ways as friends. I know it sounds zany...why we broke up before V-Day...well men make things messy sometimes. No, I am not in denial. I really am happy with this decision. I don't believe in staying with anyone because I don't want to be alone. Be free. If you are in a relationship that is worse than watching paint dry...break free and find your own path.

I am free to do whatever I want on Valentines Day. I can treat myself to a day at the spa, night out at my local pub with my buddies or take a last minute trip to the Bahamas with my BFF.

Live fast, free and true - my life motto so view my self love excursion list:

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