Sara Ramirez is a Sexy Latina

by Luna Lugo

Sara Ramirez

I hope to see more curvy women on the cover of magazines in the future but for now I am blissful that Sara Ramirez is on the cover of Latina magazine.

Not that I don't appreciate Cameron Diaz's spontaneous California carefree beauty or the sexy retro present day Raquel Welch appeal of Eva Mendes  - but  it is nice to see a woman with a full figure.

Many women in the USA and around the world are curvy and the average dress size for women in America is a size 14.  We should celebrate our curves and be proud like Sara Ramirez of Grey's Anatomy.

Brief Sara Ramirez Bio - Sara Ramirez is a Mexican - American actress and plays Callie on Grey's Anatomy, she battled depression after losing her "gay husband" Al to liver cancer. Ramirez has recovered is committed to being the best. For more on the behind the scenes cover shoot go to

"Stay true to who you are, don't let anyone else define you, because somewhere in there you know exactly who you are" Sara Ramirez quote.


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