Megan Fox will be the new Armani Underwear Model!

by Barbie Kiss

Megan Fox Armani 2011

Megan Fox is beyond hot and steamy...she is a younger version of Angelina Jolie meets Dita Von Teese!

Fox will be the new model for Armani the same designer that featured David Beckham and Victoria Beckham in the Fall 2009. Of course, Armani is known for his amazing designs beyond underwear but these racy underwear jumbotron billboard ads and videos get a ton of press and attention.

David and Victoria Beckham for Armani

I guess I am gushing over Megan Fox.

Oh well, enjoy the preview of the ad, courtesy of justjared on mylunakiss Lingerie Page and mylunakiss tribute to Megan Fox below.


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