How to say I love you - Romantic Languages

by Vickie Retro

Want to sound exotic or sophisticated in the language of love?

Well, bust a Madonna move and say it in many languages. "I love you" in English is great but it is nice to hear it in other languages.

Spanish: 'Te Amo" or 'Te Queiro' - 'Te Quiero' is more intense so I would use that for intimate moments. Pronounce (te amo) like (Tay ahm-oh).

Italian: 'Ti Amo' pronounced (Tee-ah-mo)

French: 'Je T'aime' - pronounce (je) like (zh) and (taime) is pronounced (teme) and add the name of the person.

I could go on but I figured  'I love you' in the romantic languages are the most interesting but if you want to take it to another level...check out: How To Say "I Love You" In Different Languages.


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