Mr. One Night Stand!

by Barbie Kiss

You are at a bar with your friends not making much eye contact with them, laughing at the right moments but not really paying attention because you are looking for "that guy"...guy candy not a love connection.

This is not as uncommon as you think.

A woman on the prowl seeking a one stand and not boyfriend material is becoming more the norm. I believe it does not need to be that serious - a casual physical encounter is okay. No one will think your a slut or at least I won't.

Why not? You're an adult with a steady job, independent and successful. What the hell... life is short sometimes a casual tryst is exactly what you need to make your weekend.

 So how do you get rid of Mr. One Night? Check out my 5 Tips on How to make Mr. One Night right:

  • Be honest, state exactly that this is a one night encounter before you leave and that you like to sleep alone.

  • Don't give him your cell phone number and take his number and give it to one of your friends before you leave with him so he can't stalker text or call you and in case he is crazy.

  • Make sure to call him a cab if he says, I live so far away can't I stay?

  • If you go to his place, leave right after your lust fest. Why linger?

  • Always use protection - the birth control pill or patch or IUD is not protection against an STD.

  • Casual one stands (once in awhile) in my opinion are not deadly unless you play with fire. Frequent one stands may be a short term fix to a long term problem. If this seems to be a pattern maybe you should take a break and review why you need to sleep with a different person more than 2 times a month.

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