K.I.S.S. for your man

by Barbie Kiss

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Remember K.I.S.S? No, not the rock group KISS or kissing rather “Keep It Simple Silly" (don’t like stupid) is the best way to describe what keeps a man happy?

Sex - at least once a week

 Space - everyone needs space – believe me

 Seduce - wear the color red at least once or twice month. The number one color that attracts any man is RED!

 Succinct - get to the point

 Sleep - don’t wake him up unless it’s an emergency

If your mate is a jerk, or experiencing problems in your relationship then try K.I.S.S in another way...Keep It Short and Sweet.

Sex - not worth it if you are at odds with each other

 Space – everyone needs space to think

 Succinct – be blunt

 Sleep – don’t wake him up to discuss your angst - set aside a time

Figure out what is best for you if you want to work things out, seek couples therapy or end it. The best way is to say it: The best way is to say it: Things are not working out for either one of us, let’s end it while we can still be friends.

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