Criticize or Request? Relationships can be complicated.

by Barbie Kiss

You can criticize your lover about everything he does or you can request a change. It's that simple.

I was watching Diane Sawyer on OWN....yes, this is what happens when you channel surf at night.

Either way, Sawyer's statement ..."Criticizing is just a really bad way of making a request. Why don't we just make a request?" it stuck in my head and so I thought I would share it with you (unless you saw the Kardashian twitter post) so it sticks in your head.

The next time you want to criticize your mate about how messy he is and how much you hate his messy ways why not take a deep breath? Ask yourself, is this really the most important thing you can express right now? If yes, then calmly say ...
It would mean a lot to me if you could clean you area since we share our love nest together because as you know clutter makes me zany. Then stop talking and move on to another topic. You may be surprised.

Kill them with kindness....


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