Baby Wipes on Leather - Don't Do it!

by Luna Lugo
If you read that using baby wipes on leather is mistaken. 

It might make sense to you since baby wipes are great for removing stains and dirt quickly but it is NOT.

The acid in the baby wipes break down the leather finish which will eventually peel off. It may be an easy solution but it will ruin your leather corset or leather lingerie.

Don't use any household cleaning items to clean your leather lingerie.

The best solution for cleaning leather lingerie is a professional leather cleaner and conditioner at any local store (helps with preservation of your leather). 

A couple more tips for cleaning leather corsets:
  • Don't wash it in the washing machine.
  • Don't hand wash your leather lingerie - many websites tell you to hand wash your leather but if you don't follow the instructions exactly you could ruin your garment. In addition, there are many types of leather and unless you know the type you are dealing with it does not make sense to experiment.
  • Don't buy any random cleaner or conditioner for your leather lingerie - find out the type of leather before purchasing a leather cleaner.
  • Don't use saddle soap on your leather unless you know what you are doing because saddle soap can stain your leather corset, saddle soap can streak your leather lingerie and it leaves a weird finish.
Always consult with a leather professional or better yet get your leather professionally dry cleaned.


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