10 Reasons You Should be in a Happy Marriage...Isn't that more Positive?

by Luna Lugo

Woman's Day released 12 Reasons you are Heading for a Divorce.

I think most relationships can be mended.  10 Reasons You are in a Happy Marriage is proof why it should work (I chose 10 instead of 12 because some are repetitive)

Do you know the average couple spends more time planning their wedding than figuring out if their marriage will work!
  1. Time is a factor - clock is ticking. Lack of commitment is a sign. I say don't wait till your partner gives up. Pay attention to the signs.
  2. Uncoupled. Feeling disconnected? Then reconnect. Talk to each other. Don't play the "I am not Talking to You" or "Silence Game". Men don't like a lot of talking but if you get to the point and share how you feel - you may be surprised.
  3. Unresolved Issues. Well, don't wait till you have a landfill. Talk, share, forgive and accept and move on.. You married this person for a good reason, I hope.
  4. One Spouse Won't Try - Ask why? I am sure you saw the signs. Why did it get to this point?
  5. No Respect - Aretha Franklin said it best RESPECT. If you were not getting respect when you dated the person it is not going to change in marriage. Are you treating your partner with the respect you expect to receive?
  6. Not a team? Well, you need to be a team to plan a wedding and raise a child. Think about it. If you can do that you can do anything.
  7. Infidelity. Not an easy thing to forgive. Barbie Kiss thinks that no one can be faithful. I think it is possible but you need to be really honest with yourself. Can you really forgive? Were you unfaithful also?
  8. Disagreement on having kids. This topic should be discussed before you marry your partner. Evaluate the pros and cons of having a baby. Be realistic about it. Having a baby costs money, time, commitment, effort and major life changes. It is rewarding but if your relationship is rocky having a baby will not make your relationship better.
  9. Serial Cheater. I don't have answer for that one...go see a therapist for your problem.
  10. No communication. Major factor in a marriage. Work on that daily
Marriage is not a storybook fairytale, it is a bond between two people that love each other and it takes commitment, patience, respect, understanding and acceptance.


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