Why Me?

by Vickie Retro

Sandra - Maria Magdalena
How many times a day does someone say those infamous words "Why Me?".

Why am I not in love? Why can't I be with you? Why am I alone on the holidays?  Why did my lover lie? Why can't it be Halloween all the time? Why Me?
Well, you can cry "Why Me?" all day long but it won't change anything and you might start to sound like a fire engine ...annoying to most.:)

Is asking that sentiment more popular this decade than in the 80's? I wonder?
I believe the 80's was one of the most positive times but I am a retro girl at heart so I am biased. Well, not to shy away from a challenge, I discovered you are not alone in your "Why Me?" whining no matter what the decade...
There are more than 20 songs from the 80's with a "Why Me?" message in the lyrics or title according to http://www.searchinthe80s.com/.

Ministry - Early Trax

I am sharing my Top 12 Obscure 80's "Why Me?" songs for your listening and YouTube pleasure so that you are not solo in your "Why Me?" brigrade:)

Note: Not all songs are literally "Why Me" so don't have a cow.
  1. Sandra - Maria Magdalena
  2. Ministry - Everyday is Halloween
  3. Planet Project P - Why Me
  4. Irene Cara - Why Me
  5. Virgin - Tell Me Why
  6. Expose - Tell Me Why
  7. Dan Harrow - Tell Me Why
  8. The Cars - Why Can't I Have You
  9. Angela - Why Can't We Live
  10. Joan Jett and the Black Hearts - Why Can't We Be Happy
  11. Mike Anthony - Why Can't We Live Together
  12. The Cure - Why Can't I Be You
To view and listen to the songs, click on mylunakiss 80's Obscure Why Me Songs:


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