Who is Maria Magdalena? 80's Retro

by Vickie Retro

This my fun Friday, what happened to that 80's song and why is it so damn popular post. I can't get this song out of my head since I heard it. As a an 80's addict, I am familiar with ton's of 80's songs...some of the best 80's songs were from Europe.. like 99 Luftballoons.

Anyway, who is
Marie Magdalena? I am not talking about the religious defamed prostitute that was at the feet of Jesus.

I am talking about the song -- wake up before you go go -- really... I am obsessed, so I researched on wikipedia:

I found out that this song is by a German singer Sandra. I posted her in my Why Me article.  The song was released in March 1985 as the lead single from Sandra's debut album, The Long Play, and it was her first crossover hit (means other people outside of Europe heard it). Maria Magdalena reached #1 on the German Charts for four weeks in the fall of 1985. It was a huge hit in Europe, it also peaked at number one (#1) in the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, and Switzerland; #3 in Italy; #5 in France and #87 in the U.K. It was also popular in Brazil, Portugal, Spain and Greece.
Can you believe that Maria Magdalena has over 15 million views on You Tube!

Enjoy your day or evening for my readers in the USA, Europe and Germany:) I know Germany is a part of Europe but I thought I would call you guys out since I am speaking about a German singer.

Information Source: Wikipedia, answers.com, http://sandra.bewithmusic.com/


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