Naughty and Nice - Romantic Tips for the Holidays

by Vickie Retro for Barbie Kiss

Which is better Naughty Vixen or a Nice Honey?
Santa Baby is the perfect song for a naughty but nice woman who wants diamonds that sparkle for the holidays and a little romance on the side of the milk and cookies for Santa (aka husband or partner). As a retro princess, I straddle lightly between naughty and nice.
No one wants an angel all the time - well I don't think men do. I think most men enjoy a balance between the naughty vamp and the innocent princess. The fetish, bondage, swinger or alternative sex lifestyle is a totally different 8-track so naughty and nice takes on a different meaning.
The 80's was the birth of the naughty pop music female, Madonna (all of her songs pre-English, new age spiritual proper lady), Cyndia Lauper, She Bop, Berlin, Sex and the list is endless. These musical babes expressed their naughty side in their songs and with their on-stage antics. They were proud to expose their nasty thoughts like Janet Jackson with Nasty Boys.
I dare you test drive your naughty but nice side this holiday season with your lover boy. If you are at a loss for naughty antics and confused about nice gestures, no worries, I created the Holiday - Naughty and Nice Romance Tips just for you.
  • Create a playlist of his favorite songs for his IPod. Include a voice intro by you telling him what he can expect for the holidays. Nice
  • Make his favorite dessert and dress like a French Maid or in sexy lingerie and feed it to him. NAUGHTY
  • Write him a romantic love note and spray your favorite designer perfume on it. NICE
  •  Greet him at the door with nothing on but G-string, peek-a-boo bra, stilettos and a ribbon tied in a bow around your neck. NAUGHTY
  • Surprise him with tickets to his favorite concert or game or take him to his favorite restaurant. NICE 
  • Leave a note or send him a text that it is role play time and he if wants to get to know your naughty alter ego to meet you at your favorite watering hole or wine bar. Remember to wear a short dress, sexy heels and no underwear or a G-string. NAUGHTY
If you want your own personalized naughty and nice list, email me or Barbie Kiss and we will create one just for you.


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