Married to Rock - Should we follow their relationship tips? Part II

Married to Rock - E

by BarbieKiss

You may recall my first article on Married to Rock - I am a lusty addict of this show.

Sometimes, I think Hello Kitty is a sponsor because Josie Stevens is obsessed with the brand.

As usual, I am mystified by the Rock Wives and Married to Rock: The Proposal episode. In this episode, AJ Celi (rock girlfriend hoping to be Rock Wife) proposing to Billy Duffy's (rock god to some - not to me) because she is tired of waiting and she is so in-love.
I will not spoil it but let's just say it is never a good idea (whether you are the girlfriend of a rocker or not) for a woman to propose. Believe, me I am not an old fashioned vixen and I don't believe in monogamy but please let the men propose. You will make a fool of yourself especially if your mate is not ready to be tied.
If you really want to marry him and you can't wait you need to ask yourself why and if the only reason you can cough up is "because all my girlfriends are married and I am getting freakin woo" that is a pathetic reason.  Marriage is more than a white veil and an expensive 5 tier cake, it is a lot of work take it from our writer Luna Lugo.
As you know, I am blunt and these are my opinions so you don't have to agree. Life is short live it free of the chains that bind you to conformity.


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