How to look Sexy in Lingerie and Stilettos.

by Vicki Retro

Jimmy Choos
How can I not look a fool in lingerie and stilettos or even high heels?

Ever wonder how to be sultry and demure without slipping or falling on the floor? Of course, there is a retro side to this of course, I always laugh at the strip scene in True Lies but I am also in awe of the sexy appeal as well. It is an odd match up Jamie Lee Curtis and Arnold Schwarzenegger (see clip below).

How to Look Sexy in Lingerie and Stilettos
  • Buy the proper size otherwise you will be in pain.
  • Don't get towering heels if you can't walk at all (5 -7 inches are the average size for heels).
  • Bare feet are better for newbies because hosiery is slippery and you don't need pantyhose or body stockings - if you plan to wear stilettos with lingerie because this an indoor activity.
  • Take small steps first and then work your way to walking faster in them but don't run.
  • Point your toes forward and as you walk make sure your legs are close together but not rubbing against each other.
  • Practice walking in the house while doing every day activities and you will become more comfortable wearing them.

  • Try to walk in a straight line slowly and gracefully and you will develop your own sexy signature walk.
  • If you want to look sexy descending steps and staircases - use your toes and balls of your feet, and descend sideways. It may sound dorkey but it is better than twisting your ankle.
  • Try to avoid walking on marble on any floor that was waxed recently - stiletto roadkill.
  • Enjoy the sexy but hilarious True Lies clip and if you want more information on walking in stilettos, view the instructional video from my Alma mater FIT.
    Jamie Lee Curtis in True Lies Sexy Scene

 Information Source: Fashion Institute of Technology.


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