Country Holiday Romance

Looking for rustic but romantic holiday break...well look no further sexy bunnies there is a rambling rose on the horizon.  If you think a hay ride or romantic dinner is mundane and candles and rose petals or passe then I offer you an alternative.
Romance in the Rocky Mountains or Grand Canyon is homespun. As a former Southern Debu-Tyrant, I love the simplicity of the country. So, I am sharing with you my top favorite logs of love:
  • Xanterra Lodge - Grand Canyon, great views, rustic but great scenery.
  • Gatlinburg Cabins - Smoky Mountain Romance - good rates, in TN (hope you can read an abbreviation for a state)
  • Greer Lodge Resort - Greer Valley and Colorado River - medium rates, nice.
  • Wildflower Inn - Jackson Hole, Wyoming - medium rates and cozy and romantic.
If you are can't part from New York then try Mohunk Mountain in New Paltz - pricey but worth it because the food is divine.

If you need to have your blackberry, blueberry, iPad, smartphone and TV then this is not for you or maybe you need to figure out why you need all of those things if you are spending time with your love.


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